Father Project

This series of images are Cityscapes and various landscapes with self-portraits they are partially representative of my experience with my father. 

“Your father’s dying, still?” has been the family war cry since i was a teenager.

I was in my mid forties when i began attending college to study photography. As a result I felt a need to share my personal experience of my father. My father is Clyde Rushing a son of sharecropper. Clyde joined the Marine Corp. at 18 years old and was stationed at 29 Palms eventually becoming a Buck Sergeant . After his time on active duty he married several times and eventually later in his life joined an extereme religious commmunity. 

These images are part of my perception of Clyde's distinct viewpoints and teachings. They are compelled by the family war cry of his long anticipated death. I say this in jest because my stepmother began implying over 40 years ago this legendary family motto, “Your father is dying...”  

I am now reminded by emails stating, “Your father is dying” and I add...still !